Did you know Alaska residents smoke more marijuana than any other state in the U.S.? Legal cannabis is becoming more accepted in society. There are also more ways to consume marijuana than ever before — but the best marijuana edibles are still a timeless way to enjoy a good high and/or achieve wellness.

What are edibles? Edibles are food-grade cannabis that you consume through ingestion. You can choose treats such as candy and desserts or you can opt for healthier alternatives such as capsules.

You can buy a variety of edibles at the best Anchorage cannabis dispensary! Here are the best marijuana edibles you can find at your local Anchorage cannabis dispensary.


Are cookies your weakness? You may have to give up grandma’s cookies for this timeless treat made with cannabis!

Marijuana cookies are one of the best edibles. You can find a variety of cannabis cookies in all flavors: classic chocolate chip, peanut butter, birthday cake, chocolate, and even cinnamon cookies are some of the most popular cannabis cookie varieties.


You can find high-quality cannabis chocolates just about anywhere, including in Alaska. From classic milk chocolate bars to dark chocolate pieces and more, the cannabis chocolate options are endless.

Cannabis chocolatiers are going above and beyond with their product, infusing high-quality cannabis extracts and even offering the option of either a Sativa or Indica chocolate. You can also find chocolates suitable for medical users and recreational users.

How do you choose cannabis chocolates? You’ll want to pay attention to the THC content. The golden rule of consuming edibles is to only eat one and wait an hour. As long as you know your tolerance, you can see the THC content per chocolate and dose accordingly.

Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream — especially marijuana ice cream! If ice cream is your favorite treat, add a dash of cannabis to your sundae.

There are a variety of marijuana ice cream flavors available. Classic chocolate and vanilla are great options, as well as mint chip, caramel, banana, coffee — the options are endless.

Does cannabis ice cream taste like marijuana? If you find the right kind, there should hardly be any traces of the cannabis flavor.


Ah, the quintessential cannabis edible — right next to brownies, gummies are cherished by marijuana users everywhere! You have a full array of marijuana gummies in Alaska. There are both CBD and psychoactive THC gummies available.

There are a variety of delicious fruity flavors available, such as pineapple and raspberry. These gummies are made with top-grade cannabis extracts for the most potent experience.

How should you dose cannabis gummies? Like the chocolates, pay attention to the THC content per candy. If this is your first time eating marijuana gummies, eat one and wait an hour to test the effects.


Chews are often synonymous with gummies. That’s because you can find different types of chews — some chews are almost identical to gummies while others look more like taffy.

You can also find chews that are more similar to chewing tobacco, where you place the herb on your tongue and it’s absorbed in the mouth.

No matter what type of chew you prefer, you can find both THC and CBD varieties.


There are a variety of cannabis spreads on the market. Love waking and baking? Add some cannabis honey to your morning toast. Love nothing more than a PB and J? Switch your normal peanut butter for marijuana peanut butter or other types of nut butter.


Want to consume edibles without the extra sugar and calories? Try marijuana capsules! Marijuana capsules are cannabis in pill form. Capsules are especially beneficial to medical marijuana users. They’re a safer alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis and are healthier than food edibles.

First-time cannabis users also love capsules. You’ll see how much marijuana is in each pill and every manufacturer provides dosing instructions. This makes learning cannabis dosing easy for new users.

But any cannabis user will benefit from the capsules. That’s because ingesting marijuana results in longer effects than smoking or vaping it.

There are a variety of types of capsules available — capsules made from extracts as well as flower inside a capsule.

All users can find a cannabis capsule that suits their needs. Cannabinoid-specific capsules, such as CBD capsules, are popular. But users can also taste full-spectrum capsules and even strain-specific capsules.

Not sure what you need? More capsule manufacturers are simply labeling their capsules with benefits, such as energy and relaxation. You’ll know the ideal capsule for you without researching strain and cannabinoid information.

Cannabis Soda

Nothing tastes better on a hot day than an ice-cold soda. Take your soda game up a notch with some cannabis-infused soda. The best cannabis sodas are made with high-quality hybrid strains. You can find cannabis soda in a variety of different flavors as well as healthier tonic water varieties.

How do you dose cannabis soda? You don’t want to chug a whole bottle right away. First, see how much THC is in each serving (don’t be surprised if the bottle contains two or more servings). If the soda is potent, share it with a friend or drink a little bit of the soda daily.

When does cannabis soda expire? While the cannabinoids have a longer shelf life than the rest of the ingredients, you’ll still want to consume the soda within a few months of opening. That’s because the flavor will inevitably degrade.

Try the Best Marijuana Edibles in Alaska

From soda to cookies, there are more cannabis edibles than ever before. If you’re looking for the best marijuana edibles in Alaska, you definitely have a wide selection. But the real first step to finding the tastiest edibles is visiting the best dispensary.

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