According to one survey, about 1 in 7 adults use some type of CBD product.

As CBD and THC become more widely used around the country, you might be considering using one of these products.

But what’s the deal with THC vs CBD? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you all you need to know and where to find some Anchorage cannabis!


People refer to Tetrahydrocannabinol as THC, and it’s a cannabinoid that is in marijuana. If ingested, THC will produce a “high” effect which is often associated with marijuana.

The compound has many uses, like stimulating appetite, suppressing nausea, and suppressing inflammation. Some people even use it to help them sleep at night.

Some people also use THC because they enjoy the high and euphoric feeling! It can be very enjoyable and relaxing, which is why a lot of people also use it recreationally!


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that is also found in the cannabis plant, but this one doesn’t produce the high feeling that THC does.

Even though it doesn’t produce a high feeling, it still has all kinds of uses. People use it as an anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, and an antipsychotic. It can also help to reduce anxiety, fight cancer, treat seizures, and promote relaxation.

However, there are still many things unknown about CBD. With it becoming legal in more and more states (like Alaska), scientists are now able to start experimenting and discovering the full potential of CBD.


While they both come from the same plant, CBD and THC are widely different.

Make sure you keep reading to find out which one would be perfect for you!

Chemical Structure

One of the main differences is that they are chemically different.

CBD and THC both have the same molecular structure, but the atoms are arranged differently which causes different effects in the user’s body.

The cannabinoids interact with receptors in your body, which releases chemicals in your brain. The chemicals then transfer to the rest of your body, but they’ll produce different feelings.


The rules are constantly changing regarding CBD and THC, so it’s best to check with your state’s current laws before you decide to use one or the other.

You should also make sure that if you’re going to take either substance into another state, you check their laws too!

For example, in Alaska, they legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana, which means that you can freely use both THC and CBD and enjoy the best Alaska cannabis.

On the other hand, Florida has only legalized CBD and medicinal marijuana, but it’s not legal to use THC or marijuana for recreational use. However, more and more states are reviewing their laws regarding CBD and THC!

If you aren’t sure where to purchase some, you can search for “cannabis near me” and find several results.


THC and CBD can also be used for many different things.

For example, THC can be used to help you sleep, relax, or have more of an appetite.

People often use CBD to help deal with anxiety, cancer, pain, and stress. It’s a great relaxer, and many people use it as a way to cope with their daily anxiety or chronic pain.

Many people use both THC and CBD regularly, but for people who want to get high, you should consider choosing THC. CBD will help you feel relaxed, but you will still feel sober after you use it.

Psychoactive Properties

The reason THC produces the “high” feeling is that THC will bind with a certain receptor in your brain. CBD binds with a different one, and while there is a small feeling, it’s not enough for most people to notice.

That’s why CBD is great for people who need to use it daily but don’t want to feel high all the time.

Side Effects

Another difference between CBD vs THC can be found in the side effects.

CBD seems to work better with most people than THC. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no side effects. A lot of the side effects seem to be from CBD interacting with other medications, so make sure you talk with your doctor before getting anything at a cannabis dispensary.

Some of the side effects of CBD can include losing your appetite, feeling tired, losing weight, being dizzy, or having unexplained diarrhea.

Some people choose CBD rather than THC because these side effects are a little bit more manageable. If you use THC, you may feel things like a dry mouth, memory loss, or an increased heart rate.

If you experience any symptoms when you start using either product, make sure that you contact your doctor right away!

Medical Uses

While CBD and THC can be fun to use recreationally, there are also many medical benefits that people get from them.

CBD can often be used to help treat seizures and certain forms of epilepsy. It’s also used for chronic pain and some mental illnesses. Some people have even used it to help their chronic headaches or migraines.

THC also has many great medical benefits, including helping mental illnesses, chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, and glaucoma.

Learn More About THC vs CBD

These are only a few things to know about THC vs CBD, but choosing one really comes down to your preference!

Many people use both of them recreationally, and it doesn’t hurt to try both of them to figure out which one you prefer.

If you’re interested in trying one of our products and looking for the best Anchorage cannabis dispensary, contact us today and we’ll help you choose!