Last year, the World Health Organization called for the re-classification of marijuana. CBD with THC levels lower than .2% will no longer be “under international control.”

On top of that, President Trump has advocated for state’s rights surrounding marijuana. Each state, he says, should make their own laws.

Despite all that, the plant is still classified as an illegal substance per federal law. So, what’s the status in our state? Is marijuana legal in Alaska? Get all the facts below so you can feel safe while smoking your herb.


What Alaska State Laws Say About Weed

So, let’s start with what the Alaskan government has to say about marijuana. Alaska state laws have determined that they’ll be no criminal consequences for:

  • Possessing up to 4 oz in your private home
  • Possessing less than one ounce in public
  • Growing up to 6 plants in your private home

This includes recreational use, so you don’t have to get a medical license. Anything more than the amounts above will result in criminal charges.

Despite these allowances, Alaska officials still recognize federal law, too.

They recognize that it’s still illegal to possess or use marijuana per federal law. That means you will face charges if you’re caught on federal land despite state laws. Keep that in mind if you’re considering smoking in Alaska.

Marijuana Versus CBD

If marijuana is illegal on the federal level, then you might feel concerned about using it. If that’s the case, then don’t fret. You have options, including CBD products.

CBD products became legal under federal law per the 2018 Farm Bill. What’s the catch? The bill defines CBD as cannabis with less than 0.3% of THC.

If you want to ensure you’re legal, then you’ll need to vet your CBD products. Products that get labeled ‘CBD’ but contain more THC than 0.3% will get deemed ‘marijuana’ by law.

With that in mind, it’s legal on both the federal and state level to possess and consume CBD products.

Other Laws to Consider

If recreational marijuana is legal in Alaska, does that mean you’re off the hook? Not so fast! Before you light up that doobie, be sure to consider where you are and what you’re doing. Here are a few laws to keep in mind:

  • It’s illegal to drive while under the influence of marijuana
  • It’s illegal to smoke in public
  • It’s illegal to sell marijuana (any amount)

So long as you are safe and discreet, you should have no problem smoking in Alaska.

Is Marijuana Legal in Alaska or Not?

As you’ve likely noticed, there’s a giant haze hanging over marijuana laws right now. The fog is so thick, it’s difficult to get to the core of the issue. So, is marijuana legal in Alaska or not?

In a nutshell, it depends. It is legal to possess small amounts of marijuana in Alaska, but there are also restrictions. It’s against the law to consume or sell herbs in public.

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