Marijuana has been legal in Alaska ever since 2014. The cannabis industry is only growing more in the state, so consumers can easily find high-quality strains near them. Not only that, but there are more dispensaries than ever before.

Are you searching for “marijuana dispensaries near me?” Don’t visit a dispensary, just because it’s close to you. Take time to research different dispensaries in your area and find the best one. You’ll also want to gauge your individual needs and see which dispensaries cater to consumers like yourself.

Not sure where to start? Here’s how to find the best dispensary and what to know about Alaska cannabis.

What Makes a Good Dispensary?

If this is your first time visiting a dispensary in Alaska, you’ll want to know the qualities to look for in a dispensary. Here’s some essential information to know.

Health and Safety

First and foremost, the cannabis dispensary you choose should focus on your safety. Even though there are strict zoning laws (dispensaries can’t be near a school, playground, or anywhere that children can be found), the dispensary should be located in a good area.

Dispensaries also must follow certain health protocols. The dispensary should be clean and budtenders must wear gloves or use tongs when handling marijuana products directly.

The best dispensaries offer lab testing results that not only prove the potency of their products but also prove the safety. There should be no bacteria, mold, heavy metals, and other dangerous particles found in your cannabis.

These results should be available on their website. If not, contact the dispensary and request their lab testing results.

Experienced Staff

All dispensaries hire retail associates, also known as “budtenders.” Budtenders are knowledgeable about cannabis and which strains work for certain people.

They will answer your questions and can recommend certain strains for individual people. The best budtenders will also recommend certain dosages and will know specific strain effects.

Dispensaries will go a step further than hiring people just because they want a “cool job.” They will hire the most experienced budtenders who can truly help out their customers.

Product Cost and Quality

First, the dispensary needs to sell high-quality products. Avid Anchorage cannabis users can recognize certain strains that are more potent and flavorful than others. The dispensary may also be devoted to supporting local cultivators and may even grow their own strains.

There are other signs of quality cannabis, such as a rich terpene profile, potency, and high cannabinoid percentages.

Does that mean the dispensary will overcharge you for the product? While quality cannabis is higher-priced than bottom-shelf strains, the best dispensaries will competitively price their products and may even offer discounts.


Should you only find “cannabis near me?” While you should be open-minded to travel to a high-quality dispensary, you’ll also want to make the trip work for you. See if you can find the best dispensary that’s in close proximity to where you live or where you usually are.

More dispensaries are also offering convenient service. For example, if there’s a strain you know you want, you may be able to call and request it ahead of time. More dispensaries are even offering delivery services.

How to Find the Best Marijuana Dispensaries Near Me

When choosing a marijuana dispensary, you’ll also want to consider factors that are important for your needs. Here’s some advice.

Take a Look at Their Menu and Product Information

Reputable dispensaries have a great website with an accessible menu. While some dispensaries don’t mention their products on their website, they will at least provide details on the kind of cannabis they sell.

For example, some dispensaries may say they sell their own cultivated cannabis while others say they sell products from local cultivators, and others may sell both. You’ll also want to ensure the dispensary is devoted to selling quality products.

See If They Sell Products You Like

Cannabis consumption is becoming more diverse. While dry bud is very popular, more consumers are also using vapes, tinctures, and edibles.

When looking at their menu, see if you’re interested in any of their products. If they don’t list their products on their website, call them and request a specific product type or strain.

Many dispensaries also sell accessories. This is convenient so you can get everything in one place. Common accessories include vaporizers, pipes, and papers.

What if you’re a new cannabis user? If you’re not sure what you want, start with beginner-friendly strains. These strains have low THC and higher levels of CBD or other non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Jolly Rancher is a perfect example.

Certain consumption methods are also better for new users. For example, you’ll benefit from pre-rolls so you don’t have the prepare the cannabis yourself. Ask the dispensary if they sell pre-rolls and other convenient consumption options.

Medical marijuana users will also want to take extra considerations, especially when choosing a dispensary that also sells recreational marijuana. You’ll want to see the menu or call the dispensary to ensure they have medical strains as well as the best Alaska cannabis strains for your condition.

Do Some Research

The internet is a useful tool because you can find all the necessary information about a dispensary that will help you in your search. This includes location, phone number, business hours, website, and social media pages.

But you shouldn’t choose the first result after you enter the query “marijuana dispensaries near me.” You should dig a little more into the dispensary to ensure they deserve your business.

Reviews are a great way to see if a dispensary sells high-quality products and if the budtenders are helpful and knowledgeable. You can easily find reviews on Google, social media, and many third-party review websites.

The best Anchorage cannabis dispensary is also accredited by major institutions such as the Better Business Bureau.

You’ll also want to find photos of the dispensary to see if the store is clean. Google also offers a feature to discover a dispensary’s busy hours. Visit during the slow hours to get the most personalized experience.

Are You Searching for “Marijuana Dispensaries Near Me?”

Your search for “marijuana dispensaries near me” is over. We stand by our quality cannabis products and aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Check out our Anchorage dispensary today!