Are you looking to get high in Alaska? You’re not alone. Over 16 percent of the adult Alaska population were regular cannabis users as of 2017.

But, it can be hard than you think to find a cannabis dispensary that caters to your smoking needs. So what do you do if you’re not sure how to choose a dispensary that’s convenient and has high-quality cannabis for the taking?

Let’s go through how to get high-quality Alaska cannabis quickly and easily!

What’s The Legal Status of Cannabis in Alaska?

If you were concerned about the legal status of cannabis in Alaska, there’s great news for you. Alaska cannabis laws are really quite simple.

Cannabis was legalized for recreational use in 2015. It was actually previously legal between 1975 and 1990, so there’s a history of legal cannabis in this great state.

However, when you’re purchasing cannabis, you have to be 21 years or older. So, make sure to bring your ID! The friendly neighborhood shopkeeper will also have to handle the cannabis for you before purchase.

Finding Great Cannabis in Alaska

Alaska is a big state, so it can be difficult to find great and convenient supplies of cannabis. Cities like Homer, Fairbanks, Wasilla,  Kodiak, and Bethel actually do have a variety of cannabis dispensaries.

Smaller cities and towns like Talkeetna, Nome, Dillingham, Big Lake, or Girdwood may only have one option for your cannabis shopping needs, which doesn’t exactly give you a lot of variety.

And, if you’re located in a remote area, you may have to resort to a delivery service. There are several delivery services that are available in the state of Alaska, so you’ll have to compare and contrast to find out which ones are best for your cannabis needs in your area.

The Best Anchorage Dispensaries

If you’re located in Anchorage, you may have a plethora of dispensaries at your disposal. But how do you know which one is the best? There are actually some pretty simple ways to help you find the best Anchorage cannabis dispensary.

First, look for dispensaries that grow their own cannabis or source from local producers. Home-grown cannabis is almost always better, and the dispensary will have much more information about the growing process and the different strains available.

Also, location is a factor. You don’t want to be trekking across town every time you need to pick up cannabis. Try searching online for “cannabis near me” or “Anchorage cannabis near me” to find out what the options are in your neighborhood.

Choosing the Best Anchorage Dispensary

Are you still looking to sort the wheat from the chaff in the Anchorage dispensary game? Well, it’s time to get a little more discerning.

Check out what strains are available at each dispensary. If a dispensary has more sativa options, but you’re looking for indica, you may need to check out another dispensary.

You should see if there are other offerings at your local dispensaries besides your standard bags of cannabis. Edibles, marijuana concentrates, pre-rolls, and vape options may also be available, depending on the dispensary.

Like with any business, customer service is really important when it comes to picking a cannabis dispensary. Look at reviews or ask around to find dispensaries with friendly staff that are knowledgeable about the products offered and what the options are for your cannabis needs.

Finding the Best Cannabis Strains

Finding which dispensaries have the strains you need is a very important part in your search for cannabis.

People working in the cannabis field, even state officials, say that Alaskans look for stronger and more potent strains of cannabis than other cannabis consumers, so that’s something to consider if you’re a visitor to Alaska, a new resident, or new to the world of cannabis consumption.

There are a few local Alaska cannabis strains or strains that are particularly popular in Alaska that you should definitely be looking for when you’re on the hunt for the best Alaska cannabis. These include Matanuska Tundra, Alaska Thunder Grape, Purple Aurora, and, (of course) Alaska itself.

Alaska is a sativa dominant strand that’s popular for pain relief. Matanuska Tundra, named for the valley, is great for anxiety and other stress relief. Alaska Thunder Grape, a hybrid sativa and indica strain, can help you with a huge range of mental or physical ailments. Purple Aurora is an indica dominant strain with a little bit of ruderalis, which has a high percentage of CBD.

Popular Cannabis Strains

Other great options for you when it comes to choosing cannabis strains include Banana Kush, Triple Diesel, Durban Poison, and Girl Scout Cookies

Triple Diesel is a strain that can be great for either daytime or nighttime use (assuming you don’t work with heavy machinery). Banana Kush offers high THC levels while still allowing you to get things done. Girl Scout Cookies is one of the strongest cannabis strains out there, so be careful if you’re a new smoker or have a lower tolerance level. Durban Poison is a sativa with very little CBD.

Really, choosing the best strain depends on what your needs are. So consult with your friendly neighborhood cannabis dispensary worker, or look around online for what your cannabis strain options are.

The Best Alaska Cannabis Is Right Around the Corner

Clearly, it’s a lot easy than you think to find Alaska cannabis at some of the greatest dispensaries around the state. Just do you research and find your options for convenient and good-quality cannabis in your area.

Are you looking to get cannabis ASAP? Come over to the Alaska Green Light Cannabis Dispensary or contact us today for more information on our offerings.