Did you know that Alaska legalized the consumption of marijuana edibles in 2019?

As marijuana and marijuana products become increasingly available, you may be wondering how to buy edibles in Anchorage, Alaska. However, before you begin experimenting with edibles, it’s important for you to know the ins-and-outs of edibles.

Even if you are a regular marijuana smoker, many people are often surprised because of the high that edibles induce. That’s why it’s important for you to do as much research as possible before using edibles.

In this quick guide, we’re going to teach you about the best ways to go about taking and buying edibles in Alaska. Keep reading to learn more!

Anchorage Cannabis Laws

If you’re wondering what the Alaska Cannabis laws are, anyone 21 years or older can buy and carry up to 1 oz of marijuana. Also, you can give and receive a 1 oz of marijuana for free.

It’s important for you to know that there are some locations in the state where marijuana isn’t allowed. You cannot consume or carry marijuana into private property or national parks.

Many cannabis dispensary stores have opened up in Alaska communities, such as Juneau, Anchorage, and Fairbanks. Finding the best Alaska cannabis will depend on your personal tastes, but you can find a cannabis dispensary by searching ‘cannabis near me.’

The best anchorage cannabis dispensaries will ask for your ID. Also, in most cannabis dispensaries, there will be a budtender behind the counter that will help you pick the best strain for your needs or wants.

What Makes a Good Edible?

Before you figure out the right dosage that you should choose, you need to understand how to pick a good edible. There are two main factors that you should be aware of when choosing your edible.

The most important thing that you should look at is the ingredients in at the edible. While many products may have cute packaging, you should always check out the ingredients that are located on the edible.

This will prevent you from feeling your body with unhealthy fillers. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce the ingredients on at the edible, you shouldn’t eat it.

The next thing that you should keep in mind is the price point. Choosing to go with the cheapest edible that you can find isn’t necessarily a good idea. This is because the concept of you get what you pay for plays a heavy role in the marijuana community.

If you’re contemplating between two different edibles, the reason why one that may be more expensive is because it has higher quality products inside of it. It’s always a good idea to invest more money into your edibles so that you can have a fun trip based on a top-quality product.

The more money that you’re paying for your edible, the better ingredients are inside of it. You’re investing your money into higher quality weed, resulting in a better high.

Using Edibles for the First Time

To maximize your enjoyment while using edibles, you must understand how to use edibles properly. Keep in mind that cannabis is one of the safest psychoactive substances out there, but many people are worried about experiencing a bad trip. Following these below-listed tips will help you to fully experience all of the fun that edibles have to offer:

Learn About How Edibles Work

Before you start off taking edibles, you must understand how edibles work. There is a difference in how THC will impact your body when you inhale cannabis vs. eating it.

When you smoke cannabis, it’ll take a few minutes for a high to develop. Edibles, on the other hand, can take up to two hours for the high to develop. Many people end up peaking after about 60 minutes after they’ve consumed their first dosage of edibles.

Try Edibles on a Full Stomach

When you’re trying edibles for the first time, you need to try your first edible on a full stomach. Trying edibles on an empty stomach can make it easier for you to over-eat an edible, increasing your chances of overdosing.

Enjoying your first edible after a meal or alongside a dessert will ensure that you don’t eat too large of a dose.

Start on a Small Dose

When you’re taking your first dose of edibles, you mustn’t take a full dose. Even if you think you can handle the dose, you must start with a small dose.

Get Relaxed

It’s important that when you take your first edibles, that you do so in a relaxing environment. After you’ve consumed edibles, you should also be sure that you aren’t planning on driving later on.

Combining a high THC dosage in an environment where you don’t feel relaxed can cause you to feel anxious or panicked. This could result in you having a bad trip, which is the opposite of what you’re likely trying to accomplish when you take edibles.

If you’re worried about having a bad trip, you could always put a friend in charge of keeping an eye on you. Make sure that this friend isn’t partaking in edibles, so that way, you can feel relaxed that you have someone ready to take care of you.

Learning the Best Ways to Go About Buying Edibles in Alaska

By understanding how to go about buying edibles in Alaska, you can invest your time and money into high-quality edibles that’ll deliver the high that you’re looking for! Whether you’re a resident of Anchorage or you’re merely touring Alaska, we’re here to help deliver the high that you’re looking for.

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