In 2016-2017, 16.6% of Alaskan adults said they currently use marijuana. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as cannabis was just legalized in 2014 and the herb has a wealth of health benefits and is preferable to the use of prescription medications.

Perhaps you’re interested in cannabis for either medicinal or recreational purposes. In any case, you’ll want to buy the best Alaska cannabis to ensure you get quality results.

Once you’ve purchased some cannabis, you need to make sure it stays nice and fresh. In this article, we’ll discuss the dos and don’ts of stashing your Anchorage cannabis to get the best results possible.

Keep It in a Glass Container

When it comes to storage methods, there are several available to you, such as plastic bags, plastic containers, and glass containers.

You’re typically sold cannabis in small plastic bags, so they must be ok to store your stash in, right? You’d be surprised to find out that the answer to that question is “no”!

There are several reasons why plastic baggies are a no-go. For one, they’re very permeable, which is why you can smell a strong weed stench coming from them. For most people, this isn’t discreet enough.

Also, plastic attracts trichomes from marijuana because of the static charge present. Over time, not only will the bag make your cannabis less potent, but it’ll also leach chemicals into your buds. When you ingest or smoke these chemicals, they’ll do harm to your health.

The best thing to do is keep your stash in a glass container that’s airtight, such as a small mason jar. Glass is commonly used in labs because it’s a nonreactive material, which means it won’t degrade your cannabis. It’s also fantastic at keeping the smell contained within the container.

Choose the Right Size Container

Any air that’s inside your glass container will react with your cannabis and cause it to degrade. Logically, the more air that’s inside, the quicker your stash will lose its potency.

For that reason, you need to choose a container that doesn’t have much empty space left when you fill it with your buds. But make sure there’s a little bit of room, or else it’ll cause issues with humidity (more on that later). This is a key thing when it comes to how to store marijuana correctly.

Keep It in a Dark Place

Cannabinoids are the active substance in cannabis that gives you its benefits. If these degrade, then your marijuana isn’t as potent as it can be.

One study shows that exposure to sunlight is a major factor in cannabinoid deterioration. So make sure that you keep your stash in a dark place where no sunlight can reach it. That way, even after a long time, the cannabinoids can stay almost just as potent as the day you bought your cannabis.

If you aren’t able to keep your stash in a dark place, then wrapping the container tightly in foil just might do the trick.

Make Sure the Temperature’s Right

Even though it’s been cured, marijuana is still an organic matter. As we’ve said above, the sun’s UV rays will quickly degrade your stash and make it less potent over time.

But not only do you need to keep your stash somewhere dark, but it needs to be the right temperature as well. In this aspect, marijuana is a bit of a Goldilocks.

First of all, you can’t store your cannabis anywhere that’s too hot; anything over 77 degrees isn’t optimal. Heat will cause your buds to dry out. Not only will this make it less potent, but it’ll also make it harsher to smoke.

Second of all, you can’t store your stash anywhere that’s too cold either. You should avoid putting it anywhere that gets below 40 degrees, so this means you shouldn’t freeze it to make your cannabis last longer. Freezing marijuana will make trichomes fall off, which again, will decrease potency.

Make Sure the Humidity’s Right Too

Last of all, you need to make sure the humidity’s just right inside your cannabis container. If you have too much moisture inside, this can cause mold to grow. And you don’t want to be ingesting or smoking that.

But if you have too little humidity, this can cause your marijuana to become brittle. The trichomes will break off in this case.

Ideally, you should keep your stash at around 60% for its humidity level. Of course, you won’t be able to gauge this by the naked eye, so you might want to get some humidity control packs.

We mentioned earlier that you don’t want to put your stash anywhere below 40 degrees. You might be thinking that the refrigerator might be ok then, as its temperatures are slightly higher than that.

However, fridges don’t hold steady temperatures nor humidity levels. Fluctuations in both can cause you to have poor storage for your marijuana. This will result in it becoming quickly unusable.

Purchase Some Quality Anchorage Cannabis Now

Now you know how to store your Anchorage cannabis in the right way. As a result, not only will it last longer, but it’ll also have a better taste, however way you wish to use it.

But before you can start storing your marijuana, you have to go to a cannabis dispensary first. By going to one with a good reputation, you’ll be able to get good recommendations on the optimal strains to achieve great results.

So get started on your cannabis journey and get some fantastic Anchorage marijuana today!

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