If you’re a big fan of weed, there’s never been a better time for it.

The legal marijuana industry is growing at a rate of around 20% per year. As laws in Alaska become more lenient, the use of marijuana is becoming less stigmatized and more celebrated.

With this massive market growth, finding the best weed accessories is now even easier, too. If you’re living in or visiting Anchorage, Alaska, you’ve got lots to choose from.

Curious about finding the best Anchorage cannabis accessories? We have your guide right here. Keep reading to learn about the best weed accessories to have in your weed lover’s arsenal.

The Best Weed Accessories for Any Weed Lover

When it comes to enjoying cannabis, finding quality flower is only part of the experience. In order to truly enjoy it, you’ll need the right smoking accessories to go with it.

To start building your kit, there are a few must-have basic weed accessories to acquire. While you certainly don’t need all of them, they’re great to have either way.

Basic Glass Pipe

A glass pipe, also known as a bowl, is one of the best weed accessories to have if you want something simple and practical. While there may be times when you want to smoke out of something more substantial, you can’t go wrong with this basic piece.


A chillum is a great piece to have when you want something discreet, functional, and portable. These slim one-hitters let you enjoy small amounts of flower at a time, making them perfect for everyday use.


A bong is one of the best weed accessories to have if you’re looking for a clean, clear hit.

Your basic bong has one or more chambers of water that help filter and cool your weed smoke before you inhale. The result is a smoother hit that’s much easier on the lungs.


A grinder makes it easy to break up your flower for a better hit. While they’re not completely necessary, the convenience factor is unquestionable.

Portable Vaporizer

If you’re not into actual smoke, a portable vaporizer is a perfect choice for cannabis accessories. These require cannabis concentrate rather than actual flower, but many people prefer the experience. At any rate, they’re super convenient and easy to hit, no matter where you are.

Finding the Best Anchorage Cannabis Dispensary

Conveniently located in the heart of Anchorage, Alaska, the Alaska Green Light District is the place to go when you’re looking for the best Anchorage cannabis.

Our dispensary was built from a passion for cannabis and we pride ourselves on having the best strains of cannabis in Alaska. When you’re looking for quality strains, you can trust our expert budtenders to give you something you’ll love.

Enjoying Your Cannabis Freely

With so many great strains and weed accessories to choose from, there’s no better time to be a cannabis lover. Now that you know more about the best weed accessories to have, you’re ready to freely enjoy your Alaska cannabis!

For premier cannabis products, find us in Anchorage, Alaska today!